Brenda’s Third Birthday - Dora the Explorer Theme

Brenda recently turned three. She had great birthday.

I set up the party, but missed the party itself to go to work. Her Uncle Marc, Papa Marty, And Mom made it to her party at school. 

Brenda's Uncle Marc at her school party

Brenda really dug into that cupcake. The icing matches her shirt nice too.

Brena with Cupcake Icing All Over Her Face

Dora the Explorer Themed With A Bit Of Go Diego Go

Brenda asked for Dora and Diego party, but most of the stuff was Dora. We played pin the bracelet on Dora’s wrist, had a pull string Dora pinata and ate Dora the Explorer cake.

Brenda's Third Birthday With Dora The Explorer

Brenda’s Third Birthday Cake with Dora the Explorer theme

Brenda's Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake

The Dora, Boots, and Swiper on the cake are an actual toy. The Swiper is on a pull string that winds up the Dora and Boots section so it looks like Swiper is chasing  Dora and Boots.

Brenda got a lot of wonderful presents. Thank you everyone who got her a present. We got her some Mega Blocks. One was a Dora the Explorer house and  the other was Diego with a Submarine.

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  1. Tim says:

    You shouldn’t miss these birthdays for they will never come again. You can always see a client tomorrow. In these crazy times make sure you are making the right choice when you choose how to spend your time. It’s is either the shallow pursuit of money or the reality of time spent with family and loved ones and the building of memories. May God bless you and give you the wisdom to make the correct choice.

  2. Thomas says:

    Sorry for the confusion. I was able to go to her Birthday with the Family. I left after setting up the one at her school. It was busy that week without much wiggle room so Lisa and I did what we could to balance work and family. Thanks for your concern and blessings.

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