Thanksgiving Giving Coloring Pages

 Thanksgiving Turkey

Here in the United States Thanksgiving Day is in November. It is a time to be thankful for all we have been given. It is a time to cherish our life, family, and friends. It is a time to give to those that are less fortunate than us. May  all of you, Brenda’s Friends have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Cornucopia of Coloring Pages

We are working on making a cornucopia of Thanksgiving holiday coloring pages. So check daily for new releases of, your best friend, Brenda’s, coloring pages. We will have some turkeys, pilgrims, and fall leaves just to name a few. Click Here to check out our new coloring pages.Enjoy.

4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Giving Coloring Pages”

  1. Shanilie says:

    Awesome coloring pages. Children just love coloring the big basket of fruit!

  2. Jordan says:

    Today’s Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thomas says:

    Yes it is Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving 2009.

  4. Anonymous says:

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