Finished With Nine Halloween Coloring Pages

We added four more Halloween coloring pages today. We uploaded a batty Bat, a poetic Witch (Brenda dressed up in her latest disguise), a black cat, and a cut and paste project/craft, we call a Monster Eggheads Hanger. Have fun.

Batty Bat

Batty Bat

 I will post some pictures in a Fun Kids Projects’ blog, to let you see better how to make a Monster Eggheads Hanger. Look the results of our making our own in The Real Brenda Lu’s blog.

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  1. Karen Cox says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I added Brenda’s friends to my blogroll on my children stories resouces, and I created a new seperate category called coloring pages. I added your link to that list also. Great new page here. Looks like you are having so much fun creating this beautiful blog. Karen

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