Brenda Is Getting Ready For Halloween And More

Brenda Changes Costumes

I had mentioned Brenda picking out a monkey costume a while back. Well here is a picture of her in it.

Brenda In a Monkey Costume

Unfortunately as much as she liked it, it was too hot for her. After a couple of minutes of running around as a monkey, she started pulling at the costume and quickly went into a fit. We got her out as quick as we could. It probably did not help that she ran around the whole time she had it on.

Anyway that suit was a bit small to so we got the next size.  The next size bigger did not have much better results so we decided that Miami is just to hot for any full body furry costumes.

Ala Ka Zam. You Love Me.

Brenda in a Witches Costume

Back at Target we found a really cute witches outfit. We got it and Brenda likes it a lot. She got a little upset when we had to take it off of her. The problem is is it is all black. Not the safest color for a kid to be out in on Halloween. I am thinking I am going to buy some reflective tape. We already got Brenda a necklace that lights up, but it is very dim. Any ideas on increasing her visability would be a great help.

Brenda’s Bloody Fruit Bar

Brenda Looks A Bit Ghoulish After a Fruit Bar

Brenda was eating a Edy’s grape fruit bar the other night and the results were so Haloweenee I just had to share them.

Library Toddler Day

Brenda went to a toddler day at the library and had a real good time. They had a Halloween theme. They read some Halloween books, sung some songs, and made ghosts out of cotton balls, tissue paper and string.

It was really good for her to see so many kids in her own age group. Her nephews are all older, and she is not in school or day care, so her exposure to peers has been limited to the playground and a few friends. I know -Brenda of Brenda’s Friends needs more friends. But that’s part of what Brenda’s Friends will be all about - learning to make and keep friends.

So after the event one mother and her daughter stuck around and played and looked at books. I read some books to Brenda while she played with bead mazes. The little girl wanted to play with them too. They played very nicely together. The little girl took off with one of the bead mazes, but they have three so it really didn’t faze Brenda.

Here they are playing together with the bead mazes.

Brenda With New Friend At Library

I  plan to go to more toddler days at the library.

Take Care

7 Responses to “Brenda Is Getting Ready For Halloween And More”

  1. Karen Cox says:

    Hi Brenda,
    Thank you for leaving me a comment on my Children Stories blog.

    What an adorable little girl. I checked out your web site. What a great idea. Ii would love to add your web site to my favorites on my children’s stories, and I’ll add this blog to my daily blog at

    I love all the opportunities that exist in blogland. If you look on my Scrapbook of Inspiration blog you’ll find the creative mom podcast. You might really enjoy that one.

    Blessings, Karen

  2. Crystal says:

    Aww, she’s adorable! :)

    You asked for me to let you know if I posted my apple bread recipe, and I just did.


  3. Shanilie says:

    Oh my goodness~!!!! That is the cutest witch I have ever seen! She looks like she is having a lot of fun wearing it! Jacob went to bed wearing his costume one night….couldn’t even get it off of him lol. The refelective tape is a great idea!

  4. Michelle says:

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment! Brenda is a cutie! I would imagine the monkey costume would be a bit hot for FL!

  5. Thomas says:

    Thanks for visiting As I said, I am happily adding you to our blogroll called Brenda’s Friends.

  6. Bill says:

    Why would you buy a black costume after you posted safety tips that say not to?

  7. Thomas says:

    That is a good question Bill. Thank you for your concern.

    It was one of the only costume left that fit her. Most the things her size were full body fuzzy costumes. They are to hot. I had already returned one the day I bought the witch costume.

    I really did stick myself with a dilemma. Now I am trying to figure out how to make her more visable. Visibility is the key. I bought a necklace that lights up, but it is still to dim. I bought a wand that lights up but it dosen’t match the costume and she won’t hold on to it all night. I am going to look for reflective tape or bright colored ribbon. I was also think of an orange scarf or shawl.

    I am not as concerned, as I might be is she was to be walking around on her own. She is not even two, so I will carry her or have her in a stroller. I only plan to go up the street and back, only crossing the road at the corner of the block. I was thinking how to make the stroller brighter. It is a light tan. Once agian I thought some reflective tape would come in handy.

    Do you know where reflective tape can be found. At a hardware store, or bike shop maybe?

    I posted the safety tip as a service to Brenda’s Friends. I found them very informative. As I said, growing up we were a lot less concerned with safety. I need to learn the new ways. I posted the safety tips assuming many other parents need to learn them too. I hoped they helped. They have definately spurred on a topic

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