Brenda Learns Like All Her Friends

Brenda Learns Colors Through Sorting

We found a fun way to teach and reinforce colors with Brenda.

Publix had a buy one get one free sale on Reduced Sugar Fruit Loops, so I bought two. I know, not that healthy, but Brenda is not always the best eater and I thought I would just try them. Brenda liked them. She usually has Cheerios. She likes dehydrated bananas too. We make them ourselves.

Brenda Sorting Fruit Loops By Color 

Anyhow, one morning Brenda started sorting the Fruit Loops by color. I  started asking her to name the colors. She still likes to call things “boo” blue, but lately she guesses “gee” green more often. I would straighten her out by telling her the real name for “poo-pell” purple, “el-low” yellow, “wre” red, and “arj” orange.  Sorting is also a great way to work on observation skills.

Brenda Plays Music While I Cook 

The other night, Brenda was really upset when I was in the kitchen starting to cook dinner. I decided to bring her into the kitchen in her high chair so she could see what was going on. Maybe teach her some food names or just let her take in the cooking process. At least distract her and get her to stop crying. No deal. She was still upset.

Then as I looked up over her to see all our pots and pan hanging on the wall it hit me. What kid doesn’t love to beat on a pan. I know I did. I got down a pot for Brenda She stopped crying just from the mere audacity of having a pot in front of her. Then I  got her a wood spoon. It only took a few seconds to show her to hit the pot and hand her the spoon. Away she went. Little girls got good rhythm too.

Last night, I found this article with more ideas on entertaining your toddler while you cook. They suggest to give them a whole bunch of pots. I will have to see my kitchen not big enough for to many. I am going to try some of these ideas.

2 Responses to “Brenda Learns Like All Her Friends”

  1. Beverly says:

    Tupperware, they love it!!! or, any generic plastic bowl..I designated one drawer for my grandchildren that had “their ” bowls, etc. when they came over, they would head to their drawer to play. Your little girl is a cutie…..

  2. Thomas says:

    Tupperware is great. Brenda likes to put them one inside the other. Plus she can stack them. I am sure if I were a kid I could think of ever more things to do with tupperware. I had almost forgot howmuch she likes them. Thanks for the reminder. Note to self. Let Brenda play with tupperware.

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