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Brenda In Car Seat

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

I took a nice picture of Brenda and wanted to share it. The lighting was really nice. I guess is was that magic time of day.

Brenda In Her Car Seat

Brenda In Her Car Seat

Brenda Gets Some New Sunglasses

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Last week Brenda and I went to go to the Metro Zoo. Before going I stopped by a CVS to get her some sunglasses to protect her eyes. I could not find the pair of sunglasses Breanda already has. I figured she could always use another pair. I think we tried on half the sunglasses there. Finally we got this purple pair with Tinker Bell on them.

I Think Brenda Thinks She Likes Her New Sunglasses

Brendas New Sunglasses Have Her Thinking
Brenda’s New Sunglasses Have Her Thinking

In this picture Brenda is doing a thinking pose I taught her quite awhile ago. I ask Brenda how she thinks and she will put her pointer finger to her chin and say, “Hmm”. It is really quite cute.

Brenda Spells With Alpha-bits

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Brenda Spelled In Alpha-bit Cereal

Brenda Spelled In Alpha-bit Cereal

Brenda and I had fun the other day playing with Alpha-bits cereal. We made a few words and Brenda wanted me to make her name. Unfortunately Alpha-bits cereal doesn’t have all the letters of the alphabet. In the past I had told Brenda, “we can’t make your name, not all the letters are here”. This day though I got creative and bit a “B” to make an “E” and took pieces to make and “N”. Brenda and I think it worked out pretty good.