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Brenda’s Third Birthday - Dora the Explorer Theme

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Brenda recently turned three. She had great birthday.

I set up the party, but missed the party itself to go to work. Her Uncle Marc, Papa Marty, And Mom made it to her party at school. 

Brenda's Uncle Marc at her school party

Brenda really dug into that cupcake. The icing matches her shirt nice too.

Brena with Cupcake Icing All Over Her Face

Dora the Explorer Themed With A Bit Of Go Diego Go

Brenda asked for Dora and Diego party, but most of the stuff was Dora. We played pin the bracelet on Dora’s wrist, had a pull string Dora pinata and ate Dora the Explorer cake.

Brenda's Third Birthday With Dora The Explorer

Brenda’s Third Birthday Cake with Dora the Explorer theme

Brenda's Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake

The Dora, Boots, and Swiper on the cake are an actual toy. The Swiper is on a pull string that winds up the Dora and Boots section so it looks like Swiper is chasing  Dora and Boots.

Brenda got a lot of wonderful presents. Thank you everyone who got her a present. We got her some Mega Blocks. One was a Dora the Explorer house and  the other was Diego with a Submarine.

Trip To Chicago For A Wedding

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Recently we went to Chicago for the wedding of Lisa’s cousin Jason to a lovely girl named Lauren. The trip was great. We stayed a few extra days and got to see Chicago and Lake Geneva. I took way to many pictures, but got some good ones thanks to it.

Party the Night Before the Wedding

Here is Brenda and Lisa with the wedding couple. Lauren is to the far right and Jason is in the Middle. Notice Brenda is between them. This became a common occurrence. Brenda really liked Jason.

Brenda with Jason and Lauren the, wedding couple

Yup, Brenda really liked Jason. Lauren thought it was cute.

Here Brenda looks up at Jason. She can't hide hoe great jason is to her.

Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill really love Brenda. Here they are the night before the wedding.

Brenda with Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill

Brenda really loved them too.

Aunt Janet, Uncle Bill, and Brenda

The Wedding

Brenda went to the wedding to be the flower girl. She was the only child allowed at the wedding. She wound up walking the isle with a little help from her mom.

Here is Brenda being made ready for the wedding.

Brenda being made ready to be flowergirl

Here is a picture of Brenda with Lisa’s cousin Todd

Brenda and Todd

Here we are as a family all dressed up and looking good.

Here is Brenda with Mom and Dad

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was great. Brenda had a lot of fun dancing at the reception. Some people said Brenda was the life on the party.

The Lincoln Park Zoo

Lisa’s cousin Ross went with us to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Here is Aunt Janet, Brenda and Ross in a dairy cow exhibit.

Brenda At Lincoln Zoo

Brenda rode the carousel at Lincoln Park Zoo with Ross.

Brenda rode the Carousel with Ross

Downtown Chicago and the Magnificent Mile

We went all over downtown. Here is just one of many pictures we took in downtown Chicago.

Brenda and Dad on the Magnificent Mile

Here is Brenda with the Mickey Mouse doll Uncle Bill bought her in the Disney Store in downtown Chicago. Brenda slept like this in the stroller for most of our walk back from the north end of the Magnificent Mile.

Brenda sleeps with Mickey Mouse doll.

One day Aunt Janet took Brenda to the Children Science Museum, while Lisa And I went around downtown. Lisa and I saw the Art Institute of Chicago Museum. The next day we saw the play Wicked. We got front row seats. It was amazing.

Lake Geneva

The last few days we spent at Lake Geneva. It was a real treat.

Here is Brenda in near by Delavan. Brenda really looked good in this green blouse and pants.

 Brenda in Lake Geneva

I asked Brenda to pick out a pastry from a large selection. She was quick to pick out some fruit filled cookies. Yum.

Here is Brenda picking out a Pasty to have as a treat.

Chicago was great, the wedding was spectacular, and Lauren and Jason are a sweet couple. Congratulations Lauren and Jason. 

 All in all, we had a great time. Thanks Uncle Bill and Aunt Janet for having us.