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Trying On Flower Girl Dress

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Pretty Girl, Pretty Dress, Ugly Door

Brenda Trying on a Dress She May Wear as Flower Girl

Lisa’s Cousin is getting married and we were asked to have Brenda to be the flower girl. Thank you for the honor. Lisa’s aunt sent a dress for Brenda to try on. It looks great, but they are worried it is a little short. What do you think?

The door sure could use a new coat off paint.

Kiddie Pool Fun

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Summer is here and Brenda has really been enjoying it. One thing that she has enjoyed is getting to go to pools a bit more. Brenda just can’t get enough of pools. Brenda doesn’t swim yet, but she has a ball sitting on the steps and sitting in her frog shaped ring float. We got Brenda some wings and tried them out a couple times, but she still doesn’t want to be let go of without being secured on the steps, or in her frog float.

Lisa bought Brenda a inflatable kiddie pool a couple weeks ago. Brenda really likes playing in the water. Here she is having a blast with her cousins.

Brenda’s Cousins Are Having A Good Time

Brenda and Her Cousins In Her Kiddy Pool

Closer Look At Cousins Having Fun

Brenda In Her Kiddy Pool with Her Cousins

We empty out the water after every use.  It does not take long for water to become contaminated, so it needs treating or to be changed every day. Brenda got really sick last summer because I didn’t think about the water possibly being contaminated. Here is the story.

Knight Brenda

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Brenda was watching Blue’s Room - Knights of the Snack Table. I asked her if she would like to be a knight. She said yes very enthusiastically. I asked her because I already had an idea of how to make her an out fit like Blue and Sprinkles had in the show. I got out some color construction paper and set out to work. I stapled and taped two shaped I cut out to make a helmet cap. Then cut out and colored and blue piece to make a visor for the helmet.

Here are some pictures of Brenda in her knight’s helmet.

Brenda With A Construction Paper Knights Helmet 

If you haven’t seen Blue’s Room - Knights of the Snack Table, check it out. You can find a copy in Brenda’s Friends Amazon Store under DVDs.