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Computer Problems

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Hi all. Sorry for the slow down in progress. I have been super busy with other projects. To top it all off I have had a few computer problems. It broke. Until I get a computer progress will be slowed. It may be awhile before I can get any new coloring pages put up on I will try to get some new pictures up soon.

Please check out Brenda’s Friends a Store to help fund future projects. We could really use the money and you can get great toys with out leaving home. All the toys there are selected for the great joy they bring kids.

Sorry I Have Been Busy

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

I have been really busy the last few weeks. working on some side projects not involved with Brenda’s Friends. Sorry I haven’t posted much this month so far. I did even get any Forth of July coloring pages up. I have got a few sketches but that’s it. I hope to get some more coloring pages done and get them up soon. What is the next holiday or annual event that I can do coloring pages for? Maybe back to school. Maybe I could do the seasons. Of course I still need to put the numbers one through ten up. I have lots to do and so little time. I am going to get back to work now.

Take care.

Visiting Some Of Lisa’s Relatives

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

 We visited some of Lisa’s and Brenda’s relatives. Lisa’s relatives were being visited by a grandchild.

Big Dog

Brenda with a big dog

It is hard to tell in this picture, but this dog is pretty big. It took me for a walk once. It put its mouth over my wrist and gently walked me over to the refrigerator. They let me know he wanted some cheese. This was his way of letting me know to get him some cheese.

Brenda Says Talk To The Foot

Brenda looking cool in the pool

Brenda had a great time playing in the pool there. OK I did too.

Noreen and Her Grandson

Brenda's Forth Cousin Or Some Relations

I believe Noreen is Lisa’s third cousin. That makes the baby Lisa’s fifth cousin.