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The Harvest Festival

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

The Harvest Festival is always a great time. It is held by the Historical Museum of South Florida, every year the week before Thanksgiving Day. It is both an arts and crafts show and at the same time has a display of American historical traditions, artifacts, and reenactments.

It is one of my favorites events of the year. I have been going since I was Brenda’s age. Brenda has gone every year, even in utero.

The crafts range from premixed flavorings for dips and soups, wood crafts, jewelry, kids toys, and so much more.

The historical displays include cars, motors, Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War, and more. This year they had a display call Pirates of Key West. They had a fun show. The reinactors fire off guns and canons every so often.

A big favorite of Brenda’s and mine is the kettle corn makers. The booth has a giant kettle they mix kernel corn and sugar in and make fresh kettle popcorn in. Of course the have the luxury of plastic bags.

The Harvest Festival also has great music and food. Brenda liked the Blues Grass in particular.

Here are a few pictures that came out good.

A Black Smith

A Blacksmith

He made all kinds of cool stuff. He made nails, hooks, and candle holders just to name a few. Brenda had fun touching and playing the old time triangle dinner bell.

Old Time Toys

Old Toys of History

Here are some good old time toys: tops, Jacobs ladder, and more.

The one to the left is called a church doll. It is like a handkerchief with a head and arms. It was made to entertain babies in church, but not make noise if thrown by the infant. Brenda could tell you throwing toys is just one thing a baby must try. There is a deep satisfaction in throwing a toy and seeing if and how gravity works. And that just half the fun. Then you can see your parents reaction to throwing the toy. Will they give you attention, good or bad, and fetch it for you. It is better than playing fetch with a dog.

World War 2 Display

World War Army Historians

Real live G.I. Joes.

Back To The Future Car

The Back To The Future Car

I took this one in the vintage car display. What a cool car. With this car you could go see all the history in person.

Great Petting Zoo

The Harvest also had a great little petting zoo. They had goats , sheep, ducks, chickens, chicks, a turkey, rabbits, a pig, and a goose.


Chicks Like Peep

Brenda peeped at the chicks.

A Hen

A Chicken At The Petting Zoo

A Turkey

A Turkey In the Petting Zoo Saved From Being Thankgiving Dinner

Well that is just a small part of the stuff we did and the picture we took. I hope you enjoyed the article. Do you have something like The Harvest Festival where you live? Do you go to it?

Brenda’s Birthday Party

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Brenda’s Bright Blue Balloon Ballet Bonanza

I got some really good pictures of Brenda playing with a balloon. Balloons are just magical for kids. Look at that smile. It makes me smile.

Brenda With A Ballon

The pretty dress she has on was a present from my sister Laura. Brenda’s Aunt Laura really picked out a beautiful dress. It came with a matching dress for a doll. Such cute idea.

Brenda With Blue Ballon

Decorations and Guest ?  Is This A Party Or What?

We pulled this party together kind of last second. I was hard to find a good time. Every one was working and with Thanksgiving Day a lot of people were busy. Anne and John where nice enough to let us use their house. They just re did their house and it looked so nice inside. It was really nice of them to open their house to us. Thank you John and Anne. Once we had the place and time we called everyone we could. We had it at night so not to many kids showed up, but we still had a good showing. I counted 29 heads for cake and ice cream. Not bad for three days notice. Sorry for the last minute notice. If you couldn’t make it we missed you.

Brenda's Birthday Cake

Brenda’s Blue’s Clues Birthday Cake

Our friend Susy showed Lisa how to make a professional cake. We told her Brenda likes Blue’s Clues and she made this absolutely beautiful cake. Thank you Susy. The night they made the cake they invite us over for dinner. Chris, Susy’s husband and I played some guitar that night and entertained their other guests Ryan and Shaunda.

Ryan and Shaunda also came to Brenda’s Birthday party and Thanksgiving dinner. They are such a nice couple.

Baby Nadia Is A Friend Of Brenda

Rohini's Baby

Nadia is the is the baby of Lisa’s friend Rohini and husband Carlos. We were so happy they could make it to the party.

Thanks from Brenda, Lisa and me to all our guest and thank you for all the great present. You are all really great friends. Brenda’s Friends

Many Birthdays

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

We are celebrating a lot of birthdays in the family this month. Brenda’s birthday is this month. Along with both her grandfathers. We had a great time at each of their birthdays parties.

New Coloring Page - Happy Birthday

Brenda with a Birthday Cake

We went to Papa Marty’s place for his birthday. We had a nice Kosher dinner and cake. Eva made a delicious dinner and Marty got his own cake from Abraham’s Bakery.

Grampa Marty With Brenda

For Papa Lou’s birthday we first went to Jolianne’s last soccer game of the season. After that we went to Miami’s Best Pizza. It is actually the one of the first Little Caesar’s Restaurants, but it never fell in line with the corporation and separated when it’s franchise agreement ended. Then they changed their name and kept everything else the same. Miami’s Best has great Pizza.

After Miami’s Best we had cake back at my parents house. Papa Lou didn’t want a big hubbub. Mom had her biggest show that weekend, The Harvest Festival (More on this in a future post)and everyone was helping her prepare for it, so we ketp the party short.

More From Aunt Janet And Uncle Bill’s Visit To See Brenda

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Here are some more pictures from Aunt Janet and Uncle Bills visit. We went out for breakfast for their last day here. My mother and father joined us. Here is a picture of the four of them.

Aunt Janet, Uncle Bill, Papa Lou, and Nini

 Brenda's Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill

Here is a picture with Brenda and Lisa too.

Brenda and Lisa Get In The Picture

We had a great time that morning. We only wish we could of had more time. Come down and visit anytime.

Thanksgiving Giving Coloring Pages

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

 Thanksgiving Turkey

Here in the United States Thanksgiving Day is in November. It is a time to be thankful for all we have been given. It is a time to cherish our life, family, and friends. It is a time to give to those that are less fortunate than us. May  all of you, Brenda’s Friends have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Cornucopia of Coloring Pages

We are working on making a cornucopia of Thanksgiving holiday coloring pages. So check daily for new releases of, your best friend, Brenda’s, coloring pages. We will have some turkeys, pilgrims, and fall leaves just to name a few. Click Here to check out our new coloring pages.Enjoy.

Brenda’s Friends At Metro Zoo

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Lisa’s Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill came into town and we all went to all kinds of great places to have fun and eat.

The high light was probably when we went to Metro Zoo. Brenda saw so many of her favorite animals there.  We all had a great time . I took a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoy them all. You can see how many your child recognizes.

Brenda In A Tiger Mask On The Way To Metro Zoo

Brenda In Her Tiger Mask

Brenda tried on some masks on the way to the Zoo. I found them at Target for a dollar a piece so I bought four. We got a lion, elephant, monkey and tiger. I hope to use them for lessons and stories with Brenda soon.

At The Zoo

The zoo has a pretty pond at the entrance with a lot of birds and gold fish. The pond has flamingos, but the pictures I took of them didn’t come out that good. Here is Brenda with her Aunt Janet in front of the flamingos.

Brenda Checking Out Her Aunt Janet

Brenda With Her Aunt Janet

 A Duck

A Duck

Brenda with Hippopotamus Statue

 Brenda With Hippo Statue

Wings Of Asia

One really neat part of Metro Zoo is their aviary called the Wings of Asia. Here are pictures of just a few of the many birds we saw.

These two look like they are posing for an Asian painting.

Asian Birds

I am not certain but I think this is a boy and a girl bird of the same species.

Asian Birds Eating

Brenda In A Nest

Brenda flapped her arms and said tweet tweet, pretending to be a bird.

Brenda In A Nest At The Wings Of Asia Display

In the Petting Zoo

Metro Zoo has a nice petting zoo. Here are some of the animals we saw in it. They had a lot of birds in the petting zoo.

 A Cockatoo

A Cockatoo

Two Parrots


A Rooster

A Rooster

A Turkey

He is safe in the zoo for Thanksgiving Day.

A Turkey

Here are just some of the animals on display at the zoo. We only got to see about half the animal. We got an annual pass so we will be going back soon. We will bring you more pictures after future trips.

A Camel

A Camel

An Elephant

An Elephant

A Hyena


Two Lioness

A female Lion - A Lioness

Two Monkeys


A Tortoise

I told a young girl that tortoises can get as old as 400 years old. She looked at me funny. I said, “That is older than the United States”. She gasped and seemed shocked. I could tell the idea boggled her mind.

A Tortoise

Brenda Decided To Hug The Statue of The Camel

Brenda has been a real hug bug lately. When her friends ask for a hug she gives them.

Brenda Hugging a Statue of a Camel

Brenda Looks At The Animals With Her Uncle Bill

Brenda With Her Uncle Bill

We all enjoyed our day at the Metro Zoo. Thanks you Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill, for making the day all that more special. Brenda sends you her love.

Sorry it took awhile to get this entry up on the net. Our internet was down for about 6 days.

How Brenda Lit Up The Halloween Night

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Brenda had a great time on Halloween. I couldn’t do all the great ideas to make Brenda more visible at night, but I did get her visible. I got her another much bright flashing reflector with a jack-0-lantern face on it. I put that on her back. I have had for a few weeks a flashing necklace. It is shaped like a  happy skull and has a whistle. she wore the necklace to her front. Then I borrowed a wand the lights up. I checked out how she looked with the lights out and she was quite visible. I would have liked Brenda to be even more lit up, but she was quite obvious.

Here Is  A Picture That Shows Some Of The Lights

Brenda With Lights So Everyone Could See Her

I carried Brenda most the time and only let her walk on the side walk and walk ways. Where there wasn’t a sidewalk I carried her or put her in her stroller. I had on a bright orange T-shirt so I was easy to spot.

Everyone’s house we went to said how cute she looked. Brenda had fun taking candy from the bowl when ever she was asked to pick out what she wanted. Brenda, Lisa and I are enjoying the candy she got.

Pipe Cleaner Projects

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Here is an idea I got from a Reading Rainbow I saw a while back. It was all about wire. The part that interested me the most was right at the beginning. It was about making crafts with pipe cleaners. 

Pipe cleaners are soft and very pliable. They are made of wire that is flexible, yet very strong. This allows you to bend it and make all sorts of wonderfully great shapes. By twisting the wire tightly around itself or another to connect them. Pipe cleaners also come in all kinds of colors. You have a rainbow of colors to create with, which is a recipe for fun.

Pipe cleaner projects 

Here is a site with instruction to make pipe cleaner people.

Here is a site with some Halloween Projects and one uses pipe cleaner. A little late, but keep it in mind for next year.

Try to make your own creations too. You can’t go wrong if you listen to your inner song.