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Coloring Pages Added To Brenda’s Friends

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

We had planned to hold out on releasing our A to Z coloring pages until we had more of the site done. People have been asking when they could expect to be able to use them. I have a hard time telling Brenda’s friends to wait. So here they are. For now Letter A to Letter I can be downloaded. More will be added over time. Please download all of them to your personal content. Let people know you found them at

The Letter A 

Please feel free to share any ideas you may have for more coloring pages you would like to see. We plan to add the numbers 1 through 20, characters, and color and cut out projects  in time.

Pretty Kitty

Brend'a Friend Pretty Kitty Draw by Her Neice

In The Real Brenda Lu Lisa mentioned the idea of making the neighbors cat Pretty Kitty into a character. My neice Karina liked the name and drew this picture as a sketch for the character. I like the bow in on the head.

If you have any drawings you would like to share with us please send then here

Many Little Things and Brenda

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Brenda has been busy.

Brenda's Aunt Anne's with Family on her Birthday 

Aunt Anne’s Birthday

Brenda’s Aunt Anne had her Birthday last week. We went out for Chinese food. Brenda liked the chicken szechuan, the fried noodles and her fortune cookie. After dinner we went to Nini’s  and Papa Lou’s House for a birthday fruit tart. Brenda didn’t care for the fruit tart. Brenda really likes Birthday parties. She loves seeing all her family

Brenda's friend Pretty Kitty

Playing with Pretty Kitty

In the afternoons, the neighbor’s cat has been coming by. It likes to try to come in our house. It is a little afraid of Tom because he will chase it out of the house. It comes to Brenda though, the cat has really taken a liking to her. It lets Brenda come and lay down with her in the grass and pet her. Brenda has really been good with the cat. We have taken to calling it Pretty Kitty. Tom says he may make a Brenda’s Friends Character named Pretty Kitty.

Splash and Play and Kiddie Pools at the Rauph’s House 

Brenda went to the Splash and Play again this week. She had a blast. Tom played with her. She started saying, “Come” and then would pat the ground next to her. Tom would go to her and sit right down next to her.

After that Tom was supposed to baby sit John Peirre and Jolianne. Jolianne was at the Rauph’s house so Tom took John and Brenda over there to check in on them. Lassie Rauph had told Tom to come by some time with Brenda to play with her grandchildren she babysits regularly. Turns out Joli and her friend where playing in two kiddie pools at the Rauph’s house. Brenda was delighted to join in and splash and play a second time that day.

My Sweet Baby Brenda Was Febrile .

Monday, September 10th, 2007

I am sorrowed to write this post. I am very saddened by the events of one night and early morning.

Pool Time Leads to Not So Cool Time 

I blame the kiddie pool and our lack of forsight. We didn’t think the pool water would go bad in one day. But after everything was said and done and Brenda was back at home Tom looked up pool care. He found the first thing the How-to-Site said about portable wading pools is change the water every use. Please learn from our mistake and change and check your pool waters quality. 

Brenda Asleep with Blue - Baby Blue with Blue

Brenda in her hospital cribe with Blue 

The First Night 

I have been working the night shift for two weeks for my hospital orientation. On the night before my  shift my baby Brenda developed a fever. I took care of her that night.

The Second Night 

The next day she went to Nini’s house so I could sleep before my night shift. I called at 4pm and all was well I was told. I went to work at 6:30P and called Tom at 10:20pm. He told me Brenda had a fever of 103 and gave her a bath and it had come down to 101.2. I told him to give her Motrin.

Tom still had not eaten dinner at this late hour. Thinking the baby would be fine for a small bit and he could check her fever in 15 minutes Tom got some dinner. Tom sat down to eat his dinner and put a DVD. I am very mad at him for this. Tom said when he looked at Brenda she seemed fine. She was watching her Blue’s Clues DVD on the computer just a few feet behind him.

Febrile Seizure  

Tom lost track of time. Then something brought him back. He heard a sound like a flopping kick come from Brenda. He thought while turning, “Oh I forgot to check her temputure”. When he noticed her eyes roled up and her limbs flopping his heart dropped. He can’t remember the exact words he said but they were like, “Oh God Brenda No Please No. Please sweet baby. Be OK. Daddies here”. Tom notice bubbles of spit or vomit on the lips of her open limp mouth.


Robots - Tin Men Who Need A Heart

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

We had some ideas this week for new characters. One word. Robots.

So far the idea is that Brenda will have toy robots and will imagine stories with them where the robots learn lessons of life. We figure robots can be innocent as babies. Robots like children may need to learn morals.

A robot friends for Brenda

We thought, like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, they may need to learn they already have a heart whether they know it or not.

At first, we were trying to think of a bad guy character to act as the antagonist to Brenda and her friends. Then the idea that robots may appeal to boys got us rolling on the idea of more robots. Each robot can have a specific purpose/specialty obvious or yet to be realized.

The idea is still broad, but has a lot of potential. What do you think? What kind of robots would you like to see?

An Active Week Ends In Tragedy

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Active Week Last Week

Brenda did so much this week and we got great pictures to show you. Here are just a few of the things She did this week.

Wild Oats

This week Brenda went to WildOats  a couple times. Here she is enjoying a bite from and apple.

Brenda bites an organic fuji apple

Brenda bites into a big apple

Here is Brenda at the playground.

She went to two different playgrounds this week.

Brenda takes a moment to pose before going down the slide.

A Petting Zoo

This petting zoo has the three little pigs and the billie goats gruff. Brenda had a good time making friends with the goats. The pigs didn’t want to play that day.

Three Little Pigs

The little pigs at the petting zoo

 Little Billie Goat Gruff

Brenda with her goat friend

  Middle Billie Goat Gruff

Brena with Middle Billie Goat Gruff

 Biggest of the Billie Goat Gruff

Bille Goat Gruff

New Pool

As you know if you read Sad to Glad Bath Time Part 2 Brenda got a kiddie pool this week. Brenda had a grand old time in it too.

Week Ends In Tragedy

Unfortunately last week week had a very bad ending. Brenda came down with a fever.  The second night of the fever Brenda had two febrile seizures. That’s why this posting is so late. Or next posting will have more on what happened to Brenda. Don’t worry Brenda is OK, but she has been through a lot.