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Sad to Glad Bath Time Part 2

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Click here to read Part 1. Part 1 is the second half of Happy 21 Months Old! 

Brenda smiling in her new kiddie pool 

Brenda didn’t like baths for quite awhile. After a pool party Brenda’s out look on water changed. A week later while at a park with a municipal pool she wanted to go in. Brenda pointed at the pool and learned to say pool (poo). Brenda got upset she couldn’t go in. I told Tom and he was happy to hear she wanted to go in the pool.

One night soon after, Brenda still didn’t want a bath. Brenda cries and cried. Tom, being the good Dad that he can be, got on a pair of swim shorts and got in the bathtub. He made a big hubbub like he was having the time of his life. Knowing him he probably was. She stopped crying. She didn’t even cry when Tom washed her hair. He leaned her back on him and poured the water from a cup so it rolled back and didn’t go in her face or eyes. Brenda had a good time with her daddy.

  A few days later, my sister-in-law (Tom’s sister), niece, nephew, and I took Brenda to Pinecrest Garden’s. It has a splash and play. She had a great time. After awhile I noticed she had a bulging swollen diaper weighing her down.  A nice lady offered us a swimming diaper. I really hadn’t planned to go there that day, so I didn’t have any. Brenda was back  playing in no time. I got some swimming diapers that week.

Tom told me a few weeks later a friend said we could use his pool while he was out of town. Tom bought some arm floaties and a real cute frog ring float. All three of use went swimming. Like before Brenda a was little apprehensive,  especially when we went to put her in the floaty ring.  After awhile Brenda stopped fusing and calmed down. In no time she was having a real good time.

After that day Brenda started asking for bathes. She really likes the water now. 

Glad Bath Time To Mermaid

A few weeks ago Brenda went with Tom’s  brother’s wife and their two kids to a pool party. They said she stayd in the pool for hours. She cry when they took her out.

Brenda having fun in the kiddie pool

Now she wants bathes three times a day, everyday. Two days ago we got her a kiddie pool thinking maybe she would get it out of her system if she got her fill of it. We will see. So far the last two days she stayed in a hour plus and cried when we took her out. We gave her bath when she came in to appease her. The bath helped to calm her down, but at some time both nights she was asking to go out in the pool. Do any of Brenda’s friends have any ideas how to get Brenda to find the balance between not liking baths and trying to become a mermaid?

New Main Page and First Flash

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

 New Main Page -Sketch, Ink, Color

Well all, we got our first flash project done. It is not the cream of the crop, but it is a good start. It will serve as our Main Page for the time being. If you haven’t already seen it, please go check it out. Just click here. Any criticism is appreciated. Please comment.

We took a sketch, an inked drawing and a colored drawing and had them fade one into the other in the same order in used in creative process. It shows the stages of creation in making of Brenda’s Friends. 

The Coloring Pages Button has the old main page linked to it. We thought the old main page would hold the place for the future Coloring Pages page for now. The old main page has both an under construction  and a coloring pages coming soon message.

The Blog Button leads right hear to the Brenda’s Friends Blog. The Links Button just opens another window of the Main Page for now. This will be made into a Links page soon. We where thinking of putting links to great sites that kids and parents could use. Nick Jr. ,  PBS KIDS would be just a couple sites we recommend.

Frequency of Sequence 

We had some ideas for some more coloring pages. I thought I would see what Brenda’s friends thought of the ideas.

Sequence of Crossing the Street - Look Both Ways

Sequence Puzzle of Looking Both Ways Before Crossing The Street 


Happy 21 Months Old!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

How Do We Smell The Roses? 

I can’t believe Brenda Lu is turning 21 months. She is looking more and more like a little girl. My baby is growing up. What is a mom to do? How do you make sure that every moment is remembered and cherished? If you have any ideas please comment and let me know. I do not want to miss a thing. Brenda is so fascinating. Every day is an adventure.

Today Brenda was watching a video of herself while sitting on her Dad’s lap. I pointed to her on the computer screen and asked, “who’s that”.  She said, ” that’s me.” Can you believe that. Wow! lol. What a milestones.

Brenda is very affectionate. She always asks for hugs and kisses. “Huggie huggie,” she exclaims. I just want to eat her up.

Brenda In Her Friends Kiddie Pool

From Sad to Glad Bath Times 

For awhile she didn’t like baths. It lasted about four months. She would cry at the very mention of a bath. Tom and I started blowing bubbles for her while she was in the bath and that helped a bit.  But no matter what, she didn’t like it when we rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. She would cry and get red in the face. Poor baby. A few things rectified this and turn her frown upside down.


Welcome To The Real Brenda Lu

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Brenda Says Hi To All Her Friends Friends 

Welcome to The Real Brenda’s  Blog! I have been thinking about writing a blog for my daughter for a long time now and finally I got the courage and means to do so. I hope everyone will be patient with me while I enter the world of the world wide web. 

Well  it is almost September and Brenda will be 21 months and I can’t believe how much she has grown. There is so much that has transpired in her life so far. I will fill you in on her past in future blogs.

Baby Blue

There are a few ways the color blue has worked its way into the fabric of what Brenda is.


Baby Steps for

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007


  • Thank You
  • Productivity
  • New Blog Category - The Real Brenda Lu

Thank you, to those of you who wrote comments. It is nice to know that at this early stage of development my message is not falling on deaf ears.

It  has been a mildly productive week. Our creative team (me) started sketching out some characters thought up awhile back. Here are a couple sketches.

Cartoon Raccoon

One of Brenda's Aniamal Friends


Hello and Welcome Brenda’s Friends

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Brenda's Friends First Banner

Welcome to Brenda’s Friends Blog. Please put us in your Favorites/Bookmark and visit us time to time. If you haven’t ever been to Brenda’s Friends main site please visit 

As Brenda’s friends, you are who this blog is for. You, Brenda, and all her friends are what this blog is all about.